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 What is a doula and what does she do ?

A doula is an experienced woman who has a caring, compassionate nature with an excellent nurturing ability. 

She will have a passion for birth and an interest in all related issues.

Doulas have usually given birth themselves so can fully empathise with your journey.

She will have taken relative training courses and have a desire to learn more and continue adding to her skills.

Doulas do not take a medical role.

Doulas work independently so have no outside control.

A doula will provide calm, practical and emotional support to the woman and her family.

She will support and encourage partners to participate at a level that they are happy with.

She will provide you with relevant information and encourage you to make choices and support your decisions.

She will be there to support and help you when most needed providing continuity of care.

Your interests and wellbeing will be her priority.

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